• What Should I Eat?

    What Should I Eat is based on 60,000 blood tests taken after nearly every meal the author’s eaten for the past 34 years. What Should I Eat will be life changing if: You’re a type 2 diabetic who wants to lower your blood sugar and lose weight, or You’re a Read More
  • My Wonderful Life with Diabetes

    Rick Mystrom is a wonderful example of Living Healthy with Diabetes. As a 50 year Type 1 Diabetic Rick has tested his blood sugars 6-10 time a day since self testing became available over 30 years ago. Through over 60,000 self-tests of blood sugar, he has learned which foods cause Read More
  • Review by Dr. Jeanne R. Bonar

    You are about to meet a man who never let diabetes prevent him from accomplishing everything he wanted in life: good health, success in business, community service, family, and politics. Rick Mystrom knew that education about his disease and applying new and bold medical advances were crucial to his health. Read More
  • Review by Dr. Thomas S. Nighswander

    It is the patient, not the doctor who manages diabetes. Rick Mystrom is the gold medal winner for controlling his diabetes. He has become so skilled that he can adjust his insulin level when he sees the meal he is going to eat. His results: no complications from his long Read More
  • Rick's Bio

    Rick Mystrom was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1964 while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. Soon after the diagnosis, he committed himself to living a healthy, bold and active life with Diabetes and promised himself he would never complain about having Diabetes. He has kept these commitments. Read More
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