Curing and Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

I hear quiet and melancholy reflections from middle-aged and older Type 2 diabetics suffering from circulatory problems, kidney failure, serious vision problems, foot sores, or foot ulcers.

They say, “I should have taken my high blood sugars more seriously.” Or, “I wish I had been more conscientious about my blood sugars years ago.”

It’s sad when I hear comments like these. Still, they make me more determined about eliminating the suffering of Type 2 diabetics who haven’t been clearly shown what to eat to control their blood glucose.   

However, my message to Type 2 diabetics, or borderline diabetics, is not what bad will happen to you, but what can be done to cure or reverse your diabetes.

My passion is to defeat diabetes and improve lives worldwide—and it is beginning to happen. Here are just a few stories of diabetes beaten and lives improved.

Robert Maxon from Anchorage, Alaska, told me, “Twenty pounds gone; off diabetes meds and blood pressure meds; no more tums. Thank you, and God Bless You.”

It’s heartwarming when people like Laura from Colorado take the time to write, “I can’t say enough about how What Should I Eat helped my husband and me. I’ve lost 45 pounds, and my husband has lost 15 pounds.”

I was pleased when I heard from Carol Childs, a Type 2 diabetic from Anchorage, Alaska. “What Should I Eat is the best book I’ve ever read on diabetes. As soon as I finished it, I went out and bought another book for a friend. Now I keep going back to What Should I Eat, and I’m doing great.”                                           

Many in the medical community share my passion for defeating diabetes. Compassionate doctors, nurses, and other health care professional’s reactions are encouraging and uplifting.

W. Murray Buttner, M.D. Faculty, Alaska Family Medicine Residency made my day when he wrote, “Your books are going like hot cakes down here. We need them for an upcoming diabetes awareness event. Could we please get another box? You are doing so much to help people with diabetes and prediabetes and obesity. The medical world is mismanaging this epidemic. Keep it up!”

Another made-my-day comment by Thomas S. Nighswander MD MPH, Assistant Regional Clinical Dean, Alaska WWAMI Program in Anchorage, Alaska. “It is the patient, not the doctor who manages diabetes. Rick Mystrom is the gold medal winner for controlling his Type 1 Diabetes. He is the expert. I am the learner.

R. Clinch, RN BSN from Wasilla, wrote, “I’ve been reading books on diabetes since 1974. Your book is the best-written book on diabetes I have ever found. After I read your book, I bought four more to loan out to members of my church.”

It’s evident that Family Practice Doctor, Peter Montesano, M.D. wants the best for his patients. From what he wrote, I trust he understands that Type 2 diabetes is curable and reservable. Dr. Montesano said, “Rick, Your books are an integral part of my practice. Each exam has a copy of What Should I Eat well-creased to the graphs. On an average day, I am using your graphs at least four times to offer people an approach to eating without telling them exactly what to eat. I find your approach to work well.

“People are perpetually amazed at the body’s drastically different responses to commonly eaten meals.

“Finally, thank you as well for the brown versus white rice graphs. I am going to get them laminated.”

A fitting conclusion for today’s discussion is from my Anchorage, Alaska friend, William M. (Bill) Bankston. “What Should I Eat is well written, concise, and to the point, especially the graphs and illustrations to promote a healthy lifestyle. I take pride that an Alaskan has made such a contribution. I am recommending your book to my family and friends. Thank you for your contribution to my ongoing battle not to become a diabetic and to control my weight.”

I’d like to hear your Type 2 diabetes curable and reversible story. It’s nice to hear from people like you who have lost weight, no longer suffer from Type 2 diabetes, and have a happier, healthier, happier life. Just let me know how the simple, sensible, solution from What Should I Eat helped you.

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