Rick Mystrom, Acknowledged Diabetes and Weight-Loss Authority, is Dedicated to Defeating Type 2 Diabetes—Worldwide!

Rick Mystrom, former mayor of Anchorage, Alaska; has thrived with Type 1 diabetes Since 1964 when he was 20 years old. In his books, What Should I Eat and Your Type 2 Diabetes Lifeline, he clarifies and graphs the answers to America’s most frequently asked health question: “What should I eat to solve diabetes, lose weight, and live healthy?”

Rick is a paragon of good health and has had Type 1 diabetes for 57 years. His most recent stress test categorized him as “an active person 26 years younger than his actual age.” He credits his good health to good eating guided by learning which foods increases blood glucose and weight and which don’t.

Since 1980 when self testing first became available, he has tested his blood glucose 5-15 times a day and recorded which foods cause weight loss and which foods cause weight gain. This unique research, covering 40 years of data, is available in Rick’s books which you can purchase here: