Compare three large fried eggs {Ron-graph 42} (lots of fat) to one cup of Special K cereal with fat-free milk {graph 12} (no fat). The shaded area in the graphs […]

Why you need this book

Here’s one of the reasons why you need this book. Glucose Control Eating clearly demonstrates that the determining force behind weight gain and loss is the amount of glucose you […]

Daily Reminder

If you find any life situation challenging or difficult to bear, try to re-frame that situation and see its positive side.

What Foods Create Blood Glucose?

Blood glucose is not created just by sweets—all foods create it. Proteins create glucose, fats create glucose, vegetables create glucose, fruits create glucose, fruit juices create glucose, starchy foods create […]

How We Gain and Lose Weight

To understand how we gain and lose weight, we need to start with insulin. Medical researchers and internal medicine doctors almost universally agree that the amount of insulin a person […]

The World’s Most Significant Health Problems

Let’s talk about the world’s most significant health problems—there are two of them—overweight and Type 2 diabetes. They are closely related. I’m a Type 1 diabetic; however, Type 2 is […]

Understanding the Graphs

The graphs you are about to review have five major elements you need to understand. The horizontal axis of the graphs is the measure across the bottom of the graph. It’s […]