As an ophthalmologist, I have never seen any diabetic without any evidence of eye damage after a few decades, let alone 50 years after diagnosis. Rick's story is an example for anyone, diabetic or not, to take charge of their challenges in life rather than letting them take charge of you.
Dr. Griff Steiner
Rick Mystrom never let diabetes prevent him from accomplishing everything he wanted in life: good health, success in business, community service, family, and politics. Rick Mystrom knew that understanding his disease was crucial to his health. He has become the most knowledgeable person living with diabetes in my extensive practice and frequently serves as a role model and authoritative resource for others.
Dr. Jeanne R. Bonar
MD, FACP, FACE Endocrinology, Internal Medicine
It is the patient, not the doctor, who manages diabetes. Rick Mystrom is the gold medal winner for controlling his diabetes. He has become so skilled that he can predict and adjust his insulin level just by looking at the meal he is going to eat. His results: no complications from his long history of the disease. He is the expert. I am the learner.
Dr. Thomas Nighswander