Glucose Control Eating©

Control your blood glucose; you control your weight

Glucose Control Eating© is a simple, sensible, scientific solution to America’s overweight epidemic. 


You’ll learn how to lose weight, stay slimmer, live healthier, and live longer at your new lower weight.


The first thing you’ll learn is how you gain and lose weight? Pretty important, but I’ve never seen this explained in any weight-loss book.


Here’s how you gain or lose weight. 


It’s a medically accepted fact that insulin is your weight stop and go light. Therefore, the more insulin your body produces, the more weight you’ll gain. Conversely, the less insulin your body produces, the more weight you’ll lose. In short, produce less insulin, you lose weight, produce more insulin you gain weight.


How do you produce less insulin?


You can’t just tell your body to produce less insulin, but you can control the substance in your body that regulates insulin production. That substance is blood glucose.



Put more glucose in your bloodstream, the more insulin you will produce and the fatter you get. Conversely, the less glucose you put in your bloodstream, the less insulin you produce and the thinner you get.


That brings us to the foundation of weight loss for everyone.


Control your blood glucose; you control your weight. 


You will learn how to control your blood glucose in Glucose Control Eating. 

Even more important, you’ll learn how to stay slimmer, live healthier, and live longer. 


In Glucose Control Eating, you’ll learn all foods create blood glucose (blood sugar). So everything you eat—vegetables, fruits, meat, fat, fish, bread, cereal, sweets, eggs, etc.—creates some glucose.


Some foods create a lot of blood glucose and go into your bloodstream quicklythat’s bad. These foods are stored as body fat before you can burn them.


Other foods create small amounts of blood glucose and go into your bloodstream slowlythat’s good. You can burn that glucose before it gets stored as body fat.


How do you determine which foods create a lot of glucose and go into your bloodstream faster and which foods create only a little glucose and go in slower?

Rick Mystrom’s book, Glucose Control Eating© will tell you and show you how. 


As a Type 1 diabetic for 58 years, Rick Mystrom has self-tested his blood glucose more than 85,000 times after almost every meal he has eaten to determine which foods create a lot of glucose and go into your bloodstream faster and which foods create less glucose and go in slower. This is the same for all people, with the only variable being the person’s size.


He has measured, charted, and graphed these tests and mastered Glucose Control Eating©.


He has written three books on glucose control eating for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics.


His readers are grateful about their glucose control improvement, but ecstatic about their weight loss and how easy it is to keep weight off and live slimmer.

Glucose Control Eating has been so successful in weight loss that we have received hundreds of glowing comments about how much weight readers have lost.

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