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Glucose Control Eating© is a simple, sensible, solution to America’s overweight epidemic. With Glucose Control Eating©, You will lose weight, stay slimmer, live healthier, and live longer. In this book, you’ll learn all foods, not just sweets create blood glucose. Everything we eat—vegetables, fruits, meat, fat, fish, bread, cereal, sweets, eggs etc.—creates some amount of blood glucose. Some foods create a lot of blood glucose and are stored as body fat before you can burn that glucose. Other foods create less blood glucose, and you burn that glucose before it becomes body fat. This book shows which foods you can eat freely to lose weight and live slimmer, healthier, and longer.

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Some Interesting Tidbits You Will Understand After Reading This Book

  • Why you will gain more weight from eating a 1.5-ounce candy bar than you will from eating a 10-ounce piece of salmon.
  • Why you can put all the butter you want on most vegetables and not gain weight.
  • Why you will gain less weight from eating six eggs than you will from one bowl of most cereals.
  • Why one piece of multigrain toast will cause more weight gain than three eggs.
  • Why original yogurt is better weight-loss food than non-fat yogurt.
  • Why eating fish, meat, and vegetables with butter or butter-based sauces will raise your HDL (good cholesterol) and lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) as long as you eat minimal starchy carbs in the same meal.
  • Why an adult should drink orange, apple, or pineapple juice only if they are diluted.
  • Why counting calories hasn’t worked for America.
  • Why it’s not fat that makes you fat, but it’s starchy carbs and sweet carbs.
  • And most importantly, why we keep getting fatter and how to stop that trend, one person at a time.

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3 reviews for Glucose Control Eating

  1. Robert

    Mr. Mystrom, I bought your book. 20 pounds gone, Off Diabetes Meds, Off Blood Pressure Meds, No More Tums. THANK YOU.
    Robert, Anchorage

  2. Laura

    I’m a former flight attendant. I can’t say enough about how much your book helped my husband and me. We turn the TV off and read it out loud together. I’ve lost 45 pounds, and my husband lost 15 pounds.
    Laura, Colorado

  3. Chuck

    I have been following your diet recommendations (With occasional bad days). I’ve Lost 40 pounds, and for the first time in 30 years, all my bloodwork is in the normal range.”
    Chuck, Alaska

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